Academic Books

A series of seven books, intended as barometers of the current state of art theory on seven different subjects. This site includes the Series Preface and Series Afterword.

Three anthologies are planned, in Russian, Spanish, and German. Links will be added here as the books appear.

A book on the relation between art history and aesthetics, with a sample chapter on the reasons art historians don't attend aesthetics conferences.

A book on the principal theories of modernism and postmodernism, considered in terms of how they divide up the past two centuries.

A book about the kinds of images that are made and studied throughout the university, not just in the arts and humanities.

A comprehensive look at the spread of art history, theory, and criticism around the world.

A comprehensive look at the history of theories about the nature of pictures and images.

A book on what artists are taught, and what artistic knowledge might be.