A review of the exhibition and book Iconoclash.






Review of Iconoclash

Book review (2003).

"Iconoclash" was an exhibition in Karlsruhe; the book is the largest compendium of writing on and around iconoclasms, idolatries, etc. It was also a turning point in art history's awareness of the potential of iconoclasm, idolatry, and associated terms. In the decade following Iconoclash, an increasing number of publications appeared that took iconoclasm and other concepts as fundamental interpretive terms for any images.

There are several texts on this site that develop that question; and see also “Liquid Thoughts on the Body and Religion,” an introduction to Fluid Flesh: The Body, Religion and the Visual Arts, edited by Barbara Baert (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press).

Published in The Art Journal 62 no. 3 (2003): 104-107.