An essay on the limits of visual representation, with attention to recent positions taken by Rosalind Krauss and Georges Didi-Huberman.

An amoeba in the shape of a rabbit.

Three-eyed fish (a hoax).

Three-eyed fish (an actual case).

On the Unrepresentable in Pictures

Published essay (2006)

This is a speculative essay about the limits of visual representation, as it is currently theorized. The original English essay is unpublished. The  text uploaded here is unedited and has no illustrations. (The crucial ones are on this page.)

The publication is: “Einige Gedanken über die Unbestimmtheit der Darstellung [On the Unrepresentable in Pictures],” in Das unendliche Kunstwerk: Von der Bestimmtheit des Unbestimmten in der ästhetischen Erfahrung, edited by Gerhard Gamm and Eva Schürmann (Berlin: Philo, 2006), 119-40. ISBN 978-3-86572-632-2.