A brief essay on E.H. Gombrich's relation to the discipline of art history, with reasons why he would not have considered himself an art historian.

An essay on the ordinary condition of most artists: being average, statistically normal, moderately successful--and not an outlier like Pollock.

An essay on reasons to mistrust claims that that (Western) artists have used science in their art, or that current art and science are linked.

An essay on the overuse, or misuse, of Charles Sanders Peirce's sign system in art history.

On the German Expressionist Emil Nolde, and his use of color, which was neither entirely unnatural nor abritrary.

Is "art history" the name of a discipline, or an area of interest, that is practiced throughout the world? Or is it a Western interest, currently spreading along with capitalism?

sublime-6.jpgThere is no such thing as "outsider art" because naive and untrained art has been a traditional accompaniment of modernism since its inception.

On the confused uses of fractals by artists, and some mathematicians' sense of art: on productive misunderstandings.