A perennially unfinished project: an essay (or a lecture, or a book) giving reason why art historians should practice what they study.

A reply to a very eccentric proposal: that the Venus of Willendorf and associated "Venus" figurines are self-portraits.

A lecture on the limits of historians' acknowledgment of their own involvement and motives in their work.

Two essays on the state of art history in Ireland, with reference to the general question of how art history is taught in smaller countries.

An essay on the limits of visual representation, with attention to recent positions taken by Rosalind Krauss and Georges Didi-Huberman.

An essay on the current state of the theory of the gaze, and a critical assessment of its recent development.

A review of the exhibition and book Iconoclash.

Two articles on what's wrong with David Hockney's theories of optics in art, and what's odd about the interest they attracted.